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The business of blogging and content creation

Lately it feels like the word blogger is something of a dirty word. Everywhere you look there are articles on why you shouldn’t trust bloggers, or how bloggers are not being transparent. Newspapers, online magazines and online threads are getting in on the whole blogger conversation.  The whole thing is just turning into one big […]

Blogging Dos and Don’ts

Have confidence in your content Starting a blog is one thing, but telling everyone about it is a whole different ball game. What will people say? What will my friends think? How will I hide it from the people I work with? People will always have an opinion on what you do. My best advice […]

Blogging 101: What is a Blog?

Hi Again Guys, I Don’t Know What a Blog is? Basically a blog is a website (or a section of a website, this is the case with a lot of businesses) that is updated regularly by a person or group of people who write(s) about a particular subject. In most cases a blog is written […]

Increase your social media engagement with the 3Cs

Sometimes it would be easier to get blood out of a turnip than engagement on your social media accounts. For many business pages, it can feel that you’re talking to yourself because nobody is reacting to anything you have to say or post. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. With 3 simple steps […]

WordPress Vs Blogger (Part 2)

Hi Guys, A Quick Recap, this is Part 2 after all So to reintroduce in a sentence, we are investigating the Pro’s and Con’s of WordPress(.org) Vs Blogger. In Part 1 we looked at some factors that should be considered when choosing a blogging platform. Ease of Use Control Ownership Simply, Blogger won the ‘Ease […]

WordPress Vs Blogger (Part 1)

Hi Guys, A Quick note about WordPress So before we begin lets have a quick chat about WordPress. is a blogging platform which is similar to Blogger. provides a CMS (Content Management System) which you can use to build a Blog or Website on your own hosting. Hosting is (very) basically a space […]