Hi Guys,

John here, I’m grand thanks for askin’.

We have been talking about creating a series of blog posts to address a wide range of blogging questions and concerns but ran into a problem when we though ‘How the hell do we do this?’

So we put our heads together and came up with a lovely piece of alliteration called ‘Anseo Answers’.

In this case ‘answers’ (kind of) functions as both verb and a noun so it works out very nicely indeed!

What is Anseo Answers?

We work with bloggers (both business and personal) every day and we are asked so many questions, from ‘how to rank better in Google’ to ‘when is the best time to post on Social Media’.

Questions come from experienced bloggers who maybe want to move platform and from novices who don’t know how to share a post on social media.

The volume of questions is the reason we have delayed this for so long… we didn’t know where to start!

We will be wrapping up #blogginghour for a couple of weeks but as Blogging Hour eases into the Social Media background we are hoping that #anseoanswers comes to the forefront and helps people using a more traditional method.

John, stop rambling tell them what Anseo Answers is will yasaid John’s inner voice.

OK, OK so rather than writing about what we think you want to know we will ask you to tell us what you want to know and we will write a blog post (or 2 if needs be) to answer your questions and it’ll be online for ever and ever.

So it’s pretty simple all you need to do is use the hashtag on Twitter #anseoanswers with your questions and we’ll write a tutorial or informational blog post about it on this website. Also is we write a post from you and we see that you’ve put the advice into action we might just use you as an example (with consent of course) to show how an answered question works in the real world.


That’s it really, be good!